World’s 5 Biggest Ports

There are several elements available which can be used to evaluate how ‘big’ or ‘busy’ a port is. These elements can include the amount of traffic, covered area by the port and the tonnage, etc. Well, there is no method available to analyze the traffic in the world. That is the reason why many countries around the world claim to possess the biggest ports in the whole world.

Let’s take a glance through some of the greatest and biggest ports of the whole world!

Shanghai Port

As per the cargo throughput, the dazzling Port of Shanghai is considered as the biggest port in the whole world. The Shanghai port handled more than 744 million tonnes of freight in 2012. Also, 32.5 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) of the containers. The port is stretching the area of 3,619km2, which is situated at the top of the Yangtze River. The port has 3 main areas of the container port. With 125 berths, the port serves over 2000 container ships every month.

boats-200681_1920Singapore Port

The port managed around 537 million tonnes freight. With this, the port is standing at the second position in the list of the world’s biggest ports. The TEUs mark of 30 million containers was crossed at the very first time in 2012. On the annual basis, the Singapore port gets around 140,000 vessels. Globally the port connects more than 600 ports. A big expansion project in under the process. After that, 15 new berths will be added in the port.

Tianjin Port

Being the third biggest port, the Port of Tianjin connects over 500 different ports of the 189 countries worldwide. The port managed 12.3 million of TEU and 476 million tonnes of the loads annually. The port is located in the northern part of China. The whole port covers around 131km² of the land and 336km² of water. The operator of the port is Tianjin Port Group Companies. With 159 berths, the port handles plenty of cargo every day.

Suzhou Port

In 2012, the port also achieved the highest number of cargo, which was around 428 million tonnes. It is among the 10 biggest and one of the busiest ports at the present time in the world. With 224 berths, the Port of Suzhou deals with the countless national and international shipping lines on a regular basis. It is famous for the trading of steel, construction materials and coal.

Rotterdam Port

It is the biggest port located in the entire Europe. The Port of Rotterdam is operated and managed by the PoRA (Port of Rotterdam Authority). With 441.5 million tonnes loads in 2012, the port has managed the records amazingly. The port covered the area of around 42km. The Port of Rotterdam is the only port is the northwest side of Europe that provides unobstructed access to vessels. The first expansion project of the port was opened in 2013 to double the capacity of the port to transfer the more containers in less span of time.

So these are the biggest ports ever. They are not just bigger, but also counted among of the busiest ports as well. So, start remembering these names for the world’s biggest ports.


Hello there! Did you know, that a port is used to define a point on a coast or a shore that contains harbors to dock? These ships are used for the transportation of cargo and people one from one destination to the other. The locations for major seaports across the world have been carefully selected so that the access to navigable water and land are optimized.

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