Top 10 Busiest US Cruise Ports

With over 22 million cruise passengers in the year 2015, there’s no stopping to the growth of the cruising industry. And with more ships being launched, the numbers are expected to grow to 25 million by the year 2019.

We expect the current cruise ports to grow with the evolution of the cruise industry. Here’s a look at the top most busy US cruise ports in the world!

  1. Los Angeles Port

cma_cgm_benjamin_franklin-jpegThis port welcomed more than 100 cruises in the year 2015. The LA Waterfront is quite lively with a lineup of shops, bars, restaurants and more. Los Angeles is only a half hour drive away from the waterfront.

  1. Boston Port

The oldest Port to have been operated continuously in the Western Hemisphere of the US- the Boston Port has welcomed more than 117 ships in 2016. The cruises from here set sail to New England, Eastern Canada, Carribean and Bermuda.

  1. Seattle Port

This port gives you access to one of America’s favorite cities- Seattle! The cruises from Seattle Port set sail to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

  1. Tampa Bay Port

One of the most popular departure points in the US, the Tampa Bay Port is famous as the city of Tampa offers variety of attractions. Away from the terminals, you will be able to enjoy the restaurants and the shops.

  1. New Orleans Port

This port offers weekly cruises to destinations in the Western Caribbean. As it provides easy access to New Orleans, you can always extend the vacation by spending a few nights in the city.

  1. Port of New York

With ports in Manhattan as well as Brooklyn- New York is the hub where cruises sail across to Bermuda, Canada, Carribean, New England and Europe.

  1. Port of Galveston

Located in Texas on the gorgeous Galveston Bay, the Port of Galveston is used by ships for cruises to the Carribean. It is one of the best ports in the US where you can also indulge in myriad activities at the Galveston Island.

  1. Port Everglades

Situated in Fort Lauderdale, the Port Everglades handles more than 3.7 million passengers. It is the point of departure to various cruises to the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Carribean.

  1. Canaveral Port

os-norwegian-cruise-lines-brea-jpg-20140213Located in Florida, this port is the fastest growing in the region. It is located only 45 miles from Orlando. The famous cruise lines operating from here include the Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International and the Carnival Cruise Line.

  1. Port of Miami

Having handled more than 5 million passengers in the year 2015, the Miami Port is not just the best cruise port in the US, it is also the busiest one in the world. The cruises from here go to the Bahamas, Mexico, Carribean and other such destinations.


Hello there! Did you know, that a port is used to define a point on a coast or a shore that contains harbors to dock? These ships are used for the transportation of cargo and people one from one destination to the other. The locations for major seaports across the world have been carefully selected so that the access to navigable water and land are optimized.

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