Top 10 Busiest Ports In The World

The amount of container traffic passing through a port decides how busy a port really is. Thus, the biggest port doesn’t necessarily have to also be the busiest one. With the marine industry seeing massive growth in the last few decades, it has become imperative for shipping ports across the globe to manage the high traffic.

While most nations are focusing on enhancing their port infrastructure, there are a few leaders whose marine ports are busiest. Let’s take a brief look at all these ports!

  1. Singapore Port

It is one of the world’s busiest ports in terms of container traffic. The  Singapore Port plays an important role in importing the natural resources that the Asian country lacks. The port has, in fact, re-shaped the economy  of the country.

  1. Port of Shanghai

Having overtaken the Singapore Port to become the world’s busiest port, the Shanghai Port is the maritime porting channel for East China Sea and the River Yangtze.

  1. Port of Hong Kong

pleiades-hong-kong-portvictoria-01-02-2012-rr2The Port of Hong Kong has played an important role in the economic advancement of Hong Kong. Serving the South China Sea, it is widely considered to be third busiest port in the world.

  1. Shenzhen Port

Catering to industrial enterprises and companies located on the River Pearl delta, the Shenzhen port is one of the busiest ports in China.

  1. Busan Port

The eponymous Port of Busan serves the South Korean city of Busan. Fifth on the list of the busiest ports in the world, it is responsible for handling more than 13 million TEUs!

  1. Port of Ningbo

Situated in China, the Ningbo port helps in the facilitation of port activities between Northern and Southern China. It has been amalgamated with the Zhoushan port to better assist in the freight handling operations of the country.

  1. Port of Guangzhou

Catering to the Guangzhou city, this port is one the busiest in Southern China. It facilitates the marine activities carried out in the River Pearl delta and is also a primary port of general transit.

  1. Port of Dubai

1357838378_468512087_4-dubai-city-tour-ticketsOne of the major attractions of Dubai, this port has handled more than 10 million TEUs in the year 2009. Even  with the crippling economic crisis of the time, the port did exceedingly well.

  1. Qingdao Port

Located near the Yellow river, this port caters to the province of Qingdao. It handles dry bulk vessels. The capacity is more than 10 million TEUs.

  1. Port of Rotterdam

The largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is the last port to feature in our list of the 10 busiest ports in the world. It stretches over 100 square kilometers and has helped immensely in the development of the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

With that list, we hope to have informed you on the marine ports in the world that play an important role in international economy.


Hello there! Did you know, that a port is used to define a point on a coast or a shore that contains harbors to dock? These ships are used for the transportation of cargo and people one from one destination to the other. The locations for major seaports across the world have been carefully selected so that the access to navigable water and land are optimized.

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