A Driving School With Extra Credit

A Driving School That Isn’t a Chore
This is the review of Fake Instructor’s idea of teaching girls how to drive…
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Few people like going to driving school. They would rather just skip to the part where they already have the credentials that they need. A lot of people are already in a situation where they really need to drive. A driving school and its associated lessons just represent additional obstacles to overcome. As such, some people might wonder how anyone can stage a bunch of erotica videos in a driving school setting. This is just the sort of situation that illustrates the complications of human sexual attraction and behavior.

Driving School From a Different Perspective

A lot of people will let their minds wander during driving school. Some people might even be thinking about sex. They will not necessarily be thinking about sex in the context of the school. Of course, some of them might. Sex is certainly nicer to think about than whatever is going on within the context of the driving school.

There are people who have had really attractive driving school teachers. Of course, those people are probably few and far between. Some people might wish that they had a really attractive driving school teacher. They might also wish that the lessons had ended in a slightly different way. All of those fantasies can easily come to life for the people who enjoy the videos from the Fake Driving School.

Erotica allows people to indulge in the forbidden. Sex between students and teachers is certainly forbidden on the basis of simple ethical guidelines. However, that doesn’t mean that both parties don’t fantasize about it every now and then. People often think about things differently in the context of their fantasies.

Driving school is really long, really boring, and really frustrating in real life. In a Fake Driving School video series, it can turn hot all of a sudden. Most driving instructors are average-looking people who could never really star in erotica videos in real life. Students can’t wait to get out of driving school. They focus a lot on statistics and many other things that they will probably never use as drivers.

However, in a Fake Driving School, people can leave all of that behind. They can actually just enjoy the ride, so to speak. This is not something that people can do very often in their real lives. Sex is actually one of the few occasions where adults can actually unwind in a lot of cases. Even very young adults feel the pressure to succeed and to keep on building a career and a life. In a Fake Driving School, all of that can go out the window.

A New Driving School

There’s only so much that anyone can do in order to make driving school better. The real driving school will always be difficult and boring. People will always want to get it over with in order to actually enjoy the rest of their lives as drivers. However, a Fake Driving School can truly offer people a completely different experience.


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